Friday, February 15, 2019

Why I Chose to Medicate and Week 1 Recap

As promised, I have committed to documenting the next 90 days as I try and reclaim my metabolism due to the affects of prescription medicine. 

 Left: April 2018, 137 lbs, before Lexapro 
Right: February 2019, 154 lbs. after 3.5 months on Lexapro 

My medication: Lexapro 20 mg

I have no qualms being totally transparent with what I'm taking and why. Lexapro has been a LIFESAVER for me. Last fall was pretty rough for me. I hit a self-inflicted rocky patch in my relationship, I had MAJOR dental work done, the demands of my full-time job which included lots of traveling and training during August and September, the demands of FitFuel, both of my children were diagnosed with ADHD and I was constantly driving to the pediatrician's office every other week and scrambling to get meds filled and administered (a whole new world in our mostly holistic household), constant conflict or absolutely no communication what-so-ever with the children's father. and one of the main reasons-- I have horrible periods. My PMS makes me a hangry, raging bitch. My cramps have required that I leave work and go home for the day on at least one occasion and honestly the entire week leading up to it and the first 1-2 days after are UNBEARABLE.  I attribute A LOT of these events to the close of my 7 year cycle. For more on your 7 year cycle, click here.

So, I made the choice to seek a medicinal intervention. I was 137lbs when I started the medication. As of Monday 2/11/19 I weighed in at 154. That would be a 17 lb weight gain and I was completely shocked when I saw that number on the scale. 

Week 1: What I did differently

After quite a bit of research, I decided on a course of action to reverse the weight gain. I've read that medication can actually reduce your metabolism by 10% so its up to YOU to either change your meds (no way, Jose) or take an active role in your health by critically monitoring what you put in your body and staying active. I implemented a super low calorie diet combined with intermittent fasting this week that's intended to shock my system and get rid of some of the water weight I've been carrying around.  But of course, the minute I have a plan that I'm ready to execute, something gets in the way. Hello, PMS! I don't know about the other ladies out there, but my PMS is insane. But it was even worse before I went on my medication. This week I've been bloated, TIRED AF, craving some carbs and feeling pretty unmotivated. As of this writing, I hit my goal spot on Monday & Tuesday. Wednesday I was so tired that I couldn't be bothered to monitor anything and Thursday was Valentine's Day so, yes, I ate the candy, drank the wine and ate some heart-shaped pizza from Papa Johns. 

But let me just add, I did make a pretty big commitment to my health this week. I purchased a Peloton bike . The bike was delivered on Wednesday and our shoes and accessories arrived yesterday. Peloton is the latest trend in fitness. The bike comes with an enormous touch screen and offers over 10,000 rides to chose from! You can even join live rides and interact with others or opt for scenic rides to relaxing music. I haven't gotten the opportunity to fully explore everything my Peloton has to offer but I'm so excited. Let me just say-- I've never read one negative article about Peloton. I have 2 friends that own one and they both rave about the bike. If you have been on the fence about purchasing a Peloton of your own, send me a message and I can give you a coupon code for $100 off your Peloton purchase. 

In addition to nutrition and fitness goals, I've began to wrap my mind around another area in my life that just, simply put, needs improvement. 

How many of you are nightly wine drinkers? Do you love to relax with a glass of wine in the evening? I'm sure you are either a white drinker or a red drinker. Us wine drinkers usually pick a team and stick with it. Do you often find yourself drinking more than you'd like but you just aren't sure how to stop or cut back? You promise to only drink 1-2 glasses but suddenly the whole bottle is gone. You wake up in the morning, feeling like shit and completely pissed off at yourself because your "relaxing ritual" has turned into a next day hangover, only to go home and repeat the cycle of insanity? Yeah, I get it. This "nightly ritual" has no longer became relaxing or beneficial to me but I do love red wine and I hate feeling restricted or deprived. What I'm learning is that its a battle of your conscious vs your subconscious. I ordered this amazing book that I'm going to share with you. I'm only halfway through the book and my wine intake this week (even being PMS week) has been reduced effortlessly by 50%. Like, I really haven't even tried. It's all about redefining your relationship with wine (or whatever your "relaxing" drink of choice is). It's been amazing and I feel empowered and in control. The author's name is Annie Grace and she completely gets it. Click here to check out the book and read the reviews. If any of this is applicable to your, its worth looking into.

So, that's all I've got for you guys this week! Let's consider Week 1 as "Prep Week"-- next week, I'll be doing the real work. And I'll remember to take some photos of my food. They obviously won't all be prepped FitFuel meals. I do eat "real" stuff from the grocery store, too and I'd love to share with you some of my favorite finds. 

Have a great weekend everyone. Leave me some comments so I know if you liked the article and are looking forward to the next 90 days with me!!! 😊




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