Friday, February 22, 2019

Why is creating a habit so hard and Week 2 Recap

This is my favorite quote because it is the cold, hard truth. Nothing will change until you change it. How many pockets of time do you have in your day and how do you use them? How much of that time is wasted by scrolling on your phone or watching mindless shows?

You see, I've become a master of identifying and using small pockets of time throughout my day. For me. its a necessity. Example, I loathe taking my kids to the grocery store. What does my business require? Frequent trips to the grocery store! How do I make this work without losing my mind? Simple, I carve out a pocket of time by leaving 10 minutes earlier on Thursday and Friday mornings. This gives me a 30-40 minute window of time to hit up the grocery store after I drop the kids off at school and before I need to arrive at work. It works perfectly, plus the grocery store is empty at 7:50a.m and I can whizz right through. By creating this habit, I've turned something I dread into a very enjoyable experience. Feeling accomplished first thing in the morning always sets the tone for my day. Which leads me to say...


I schedule my early grocery trips because my business and sanity depend on it but why can I not do the same for my workouts? This is the one mental barrier that I have been unable to break for years. 

If I could only change one thing in my entire life right now, it would be to have the willpower to be an early riser. If I had just a 20 minute ride or even 10-15 minutes of strength training in each morning, I think that sense of accomplishment would trickle down into other areas of my life and boost my ambition and productivity. But I just can't seem to stick with it.

Can anyone else relate? I'd love to hear your recommendations on how to get an early start each morning. 

So, it is week 2 of my 12 week Road to Redemption as we'll call it. It was a super, crazy busy week of course but I have been very good in sticking to my nutrition. I made these beauties above for Wednesday-Friday lunch. Vegetarian Sausage (what I used in the Sunshine Bowls), Green Beans and Riced Butternut Squash. Yum! This combo never gets old. I've done much better with my intermittent fasting this week and I'm happy to report that I'm down 2 lbs, which is right on track for where I wanted to be this week. 

Since I 've turned 35 I've pretty much ditched putting creamer in my coffee. One, because in the mornings Mama needs something STRONG and secondly, I like to practice a clean fast. Clean fasting consists of only black coffee or tea and water during your fasting window. I usually fast from 7pm-11am. A 16:8 fast. This window works best for me and I'm never starving. Some people practice what they call a "dirty fast"-- this is where you have cream in your coffee, a flavor enhancer in your water, calorie-free energy drinks, etc. I've found that dirty fasting just messes my hormone balance up. I don't feel right, I get significantly bloated-- its completely eliminates any of the benefits of intermittent fasting. No thanks. 

Raise your hand if you buy new workout clothes to keep you motivated to workout 😂 I'm sure these clothes will significantly improve my performance, too! Peloton was having an amazing sale for President's Day so I loaded up. Normally their apparel is extremely expensive but a lot of it was 50% off so I had to take advantage. 

That'll all I have for this week, FitFuel fam. I'll probably touch base in a couple more weeks and let you know how I'm doing. 

In the meantime, I really would LOVE to hear how some of you get motivated in the morning and also any secrets to success that you have built into your daily routine. Leave comment on this post or on our Facebook page. Many others might be wondering the same 😊

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  1. I set my workout clothes by my bed shoes and all so I have to put it on and do it first. I commit to set an alarm and rise. Accept that you will feel tired and not feel like it. Do anyways and in two weeks it'll be a habit. You'll rise easier and won't feel tired. Finding a workout u love or a partner to be accountable to will help as well.