Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Enter the World of Peloton

In a recent blog post, I mentioned that I purchased a Peloton bike. I had several people who were on the fence about a potential Peloton purchase reach out to me and ask me to provide some feedback about the bike after it was delivered. Now that I've had the bike for a little over a month now, I've got 18 rides under my belt and I'm ready to dish on all things Peloton!

| Ordering Your Peloton | 

Confession: I impulsively ordered my Peloton in the parking lot of Harbor Freight, of all places. That's how easy it is to order your bike. I had spent the day at Mane Alley, getting my extensions maintained, and the owner of the salon was raving about her Peloton. I had seen all the commercials and I had read a few things here and there online about the bike but I had never spoke with anyone who actually owned one. She described all of the classes you can take, live or encore. The white glove service once the bike is delivered, how little space it takes up and on and on. If you know me personally, then you know if have a bad case of:

I see it.
I like it.
I want it.
I got it.

I was sold. Completely sold. We went to dinner afterward and then on to run some errands. We ended up at Harbor Freight and 'Peloton' was cycling over and over in my mind. If I was going to take the plunge, I was going to do it now. I told Tyler I was going to sit this one out. Harbor Freight = BORING. So, I quickly Googled 'buy a Peloton bike' and I had it purchased and delivery scheduled by the time he got back to the car. SO IMPULSIVE, YET SO EASY! LOL.

Ok, I know what you are asking. How much was it? Well, that depends. I purchased the 'Family Package' which provided Ty and I both a set of spin shoes (they are so cool, they actually lock into the bike's pedals), 2 sets of ear buds, 2 heart monitors and 2 glass water bottles. Your bike also comes with a mat and a set of light weights. More on the weights in a bit.  All in all, my Peloton was a little over $2800.00, with white glove service at delivery. You can explore all of the different price packages here.

The Family Package

One other key thing to note is that in order to stream classes, you do have a monthly fee of $39.00. That is a MUST HAVE in order to enjoy all that your Peloton has to offer. 

| Delivery |

A company called XPO Logistics will contact you regarding delivery. The turn around time for my bike was three business days. I ordered it on a Saturday night and it was in our house and assembled by noon on Wednesday. I had no real issues with the delivery other than a courtesy call that my address kept taking them to a storage unit LOL. Ty met them at the house and said that assembly was quick and easy and they took all the packaging with them, you are left only with your new, shiny, fully-assembled Peloton.

| The First Ride | 

I had no idea what to expect for the first ride and I was a little terrified to be quite honest. The shoes that you order through Peloton actually clip into your pedals. You are essentially trapped on your bike until you clip out. I tried a 20 minute BEGINNER RIDE and O-M-G.... I felt a combination of victorious and nauseous when I completed the ride. These classes are INTENSE. Even beginner level will have you questioning your level of physical fitness. I was absolutely pushed to my limits on the beginner ride. The energy was amazing, the streaming quality impeccable and the instructor was so encouraging. There are thousands of classes to choose from that are different lengths, ability levels and include different genres of music to ride along too. There are lots of different instructors to choose from as well. 

And how cool is this? Once you complete your ride, you have the option to add-on a ten minute ab, arm, or stretching workout to be completed next to your bike. So that's what the weights are for! I've added on an arm workout post-ride and it was super effective. I had just enough left in me to bust it out and I felt this incredible sense of accomplishment once it was complete. 

| Using the Peloton App |

Another amazing thing about this piece of equipment is that you can review your progress, bookmark classes, see your friends' progress-- all from the palm of your hand. The Peloton app downloads straight to your tablet or phone and allows you to access practically everything. 

You will notice that I when I took last week off-- I literally took last week off. It was a ROUGH week in my house. Oy! But this calendar definitely puts your workouts, your achievements-- everything into perspective! I'm averaging cardio about 2x a week now and I'm hoping to ramp it up to 3 in April . 

Also, I would could not fail to include another important aspect of the app:


This is where you can get your Peloton Apparel fix. I ordered a few pieces and I can 100% vouch that they are of top quality and totally worth the investment. Shipping does take a couple weeks though, its not the quickest turn around time but the product made it completely worth the wait. 

| One Month Later |

Do I regret my impulse buy? NOT ONE BIT! As a matter of fact, on Sunday I completed my first 45 minute ride. I am still sore but  in the most wonderful way! If you are having a bad week, feel discouraged, need motivation, etc.-- hop on your Peloton and go for a ride. Their instructors are literally head-hunted and hand-selected based on their ability to motivate YOU to bring your A-game to each ride. I read a very interesting article in the New York Times on how the recruitment process worked in selecting their instructors. You can check it out here.

Still have questions about the Peloton? Send a message or drop a comment below and I'll do my best to provide an answer!

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