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Why I Chose to Medicate and Week 1 Recap

As promised, I have committed to documenting the next 90 days as I try and reclaim my metabolism due to the affects of prescription medicine. 

 Left: April 2018, 137 lbs, before Lexapro 
Right: February 2019, 154 lbs. after 3.5 months on Lexapro 

My medication: Lexapro 20 mg

I have no qualms being totally transparent with what I'm taking and why. Lexapro has been a LIFESAVER for me. Last fall was pretty rough for me. I hit a self-inflicted rocky patch in my relationship, I had MAJOR dental work done, the demands of my full-time job which included lots of traveling and training during August and September, the demands of FitFuel, both of my children were diagnosed with ADHD and I was constantly driving to the pediatrician's office every other week and scrambling to get meds filled and administered (a whole new world in our mostly holistic household), constant conflict or absolutely no communication what-so-ever with the children's father. and one of the main reasons-- I have ho…

Why is creating a habit so hard and Week 2 Recap

This is my favorite quote because it is the cold, hard truth. Nothing will change until you change it. How many pockets of time do you have in your day and how do you use them? How much of that time is wasted by scrolling on your phone or watching mindless shows?

You see, I've become a master of identifying and using small pockets of time throughout my day. For me. its a necessity. Example, I loathe taking my kids to the grocery store. What does my business require? Frequent trips to the grocery store! How do I make this work without losing my mind? Simple, I carve out a pocket of time by leaving 10 minutes earlier on Thursday and Friday mornings. This gives me a 30-40 minute window of time to hit up the grocery store after I drop the kids off at school and before I need to arrive at work. It works perfectly, plus the grocery store is empty at 7:50a.m and I can whizz right through. By creating this habit, I've turned something I dread into a very enjoyable experience. Feeling a…

Welcome to the Official Home of FitFuel Fitness and Nutrition, LLC!

Happy New Year's Eve, #fitfuelfam! 

Welcome to our new home! I have been teasing over the last couple months that we had planned to get a fully-functioning website up and running and let me tell you-- the struggle is real! I've finally found a platform that I think suits my level of tech-savviness... or lack thereof. And one that I can easily stay on top of. 

I have the e-commerce site linked to this main page and my next endeavor will be to finish out the menu page. It will be a master page of all the meal preps that we offer, their macros and price. Basically answers to all the questions that people send us! If you aren't a FitFuel customer already, I see how the process can seem really confusing at first. Hopefully this helps to clear things up a bit. 

Also, I'm going to put my journalism degree to good use and bust out some great articles over the next year. Different pieces ranging from my personal fitness and nutrition journey, to clean-eating recipes that you can t…